NORWAY Grapples U.S. Over Fate of Extremists

Minister of Defence, Minister for European Affairs, Frank Bakke-Jensen (Conservatives).Minister of Defence, Frank Bakke-Jensen (Conservatives).Photo:

Norwegians (and all foreign nationals) under criminal detention within Syria and Iraq face an uncertain judicial future: local criminal prosecution or extradition home.


Debate between international coalition members has the status of detained foreign national extremists under the spotlight.

At conference, Norwegian Defense Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen (H).forwarded Norway’s position that foreign nationals should face foreign courts for prosecution of alleged crimes.

“A Norwegian charged with criminal acts within a foreign country may very well face similar prosecution within Norway.” says Bakke-Jensen.’This coalition intends to collect summary evidence and assess the overall status of foreign nationals facing criminal prosecution within Syria and Iraq .’

Coalition representatives from the United States have taken an opposing
stance to Norway’s position.

The U.S. argues that all foreign nationals under detention should be returned to their country of origin to face prosecution, noting that structures of government and the judicial systems within Syria and Iraq face collapse.

Defense Minister Bakke-Jensen disagrees the the U.S. position and instead sees a focus towards established, fair legal process at the local level bringing better, long-term results.

‘Creating stability within the region and allowing internationally recognized principles of law to establish is believed to be the best course of action.’

‘Be reminded that these alleged Norwegian warriors and/or criminals in discussion have placed themselves within Syria or Iraq of their own volition.’ stated Norway’s Minister.

‘These (accused) traveled and joined a terrorist organization upon their free will and have probably participated in quite a few ugly operations.’

‘Our position is that by creating a stable environment (in Syria & Iraq) that allows for a functioning legal system adjudicating within internationally accepted frameworks, a fair prosecution of Norwegians and all foreign nationals would manifest.’

Police Security Service (PST) analysis indicates that roughly 100 Norwegians have join the extremist group IS voluntarily. 20 have died, 40 returned to Norway and 40 have unknown status.

Thousands of alleged criminals from foreign nations are currently held and awaiting prosecution on foreign soils.

A Human Rights Watch group acknowledges that Kurdish military tribunals are operating and processing alleged criminals but the group hasn’t yet seen prosecution against foreign nationals at tribunal.


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  1. Leave them there to their fates. They chose to go there and fight against the people of these countries so let those people be their judge and executioner.

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