Norway has donated another 2,000 anti-tank weapons to Ukraine

Anti-tank rocketsPhoto: Torstein Bøe / NTB

The Norwegian government has donated an additional 2,000 M72 anti-tank weapons to Ukraine so that the country can defend itself against Russia’s invasion.

The weapons have already been sent, according to a press release on Wednesday.

” Ukraine has, since the invasion began, been asking several countries for military equipment so that they can defend themselves against Russian forces that attack both civilian and military targets. Norway has, like several other countries, responded with an additional donation of anti-tank weapons that can be used against the invasion forces,” Minister of Defense Odd Roger Enoksen (SP) said.

Second shipment

He stressed that the government strongly condemned Russia’s attacks. Norway has previously sent a similar amount of anti-tank weapons to Ukraine.

“Ukraine depends on arms support from other countries to continue opposing Russia’s attacks, which violate international law. If Ukraine succeeds in repelling Russia’s attack, it will ensure Ukrainian sovereignty and help maintain the norm of peaceful conflict resolution and respect for borders in Europe,” Enoksen added.

Russia has warned countries against sending weapons to Ukraine. 

“Russia does not have the right to direct attacks on Norway on the basis of the weapons support we have contributed to Ukraine’s exercise of self-defense,” Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt (AP) stated recently.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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1 Comment on "Norway has donated another 2,000 anti-tank weapons to Ukraine"

  1. So Norway only continues to play nuclear chicken against nuclear superpower Russia with our children’s lives – and no civil defense/sivillforsvars to speak of, except for its elites.

    If Norway did stand for peace, it would instead urge the Ukrainians to agree to the fair peace and security treaty the Russians need and we the West OWE them, after us breaking our past security promises to them and then breaking our Budapest peace agreement with them with our Western-backed/-instigated 2014 Kiev coup – not a revolution for the 4 obvious, objective reasons I have listed on here before.

    The West’s blind, arrogant, and fraudulent self-righteousness has already murdered 600,000-900,000 innocent men, women, and children in the Mideast in our war crime “neoconservative” – neocons like Biden, Blinken, and Nuland are the exact regime-change/coup- and war-spreading opposite of conservative – wars … like in Libya, in which Norway had and thus still has a bloody hand. Now, we are inviting that to happen to our own families.

    Again, I was a junior in high school during the nearly fatal October 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, and this is *infinitely* more dangerous … and reliving an even worse nightmare.

    God help our children.

    On The Atlantic there is an insightful article “Ukraine’s Three-to-One Advantage,” wherein a former U.S. Marine who has been fighting on Ukraine’s side talks about how unprepared the Russian conscript( kid)s have been, and he sounds like he feels guilt. He has probably also seen what Ukraine’s neo-Nazis are like.

    As I opined on here long before the war started, the Russians cannot compete with the West conventionally.
    Refusing them the fair treaty, we left them no option but war/invasion, although Zelensky’s Munich-pumped intimation Ukraine would be willing to get nuclear weapons was the specific trigger.
    Some in the West thought the Russians would never attack anyway. Now we are leaving them with no option but the nuclear one.

    Bored-with-peace, war-rabid European lemmings. (By contrast, most Americans are very worried and want no part of a (nuclear) war with Russia, despite all the pro-war media hype.)

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