Norway has increased the waiting time for unemployment benefits. Here are the details

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This article outlines details provided by the Norwegian government regarding the change.

The waiting time for unemployment benefits in Norway has increased. Certain non-employees will face the change from January 1, 2021, and on.

Norway Today spoke to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs to learn more about the decision.

Unemployment benefit eligibility

“In general, unemployment benefits may be paid when a person has been unemployed and has been registered with the Labor and Welfare Services as a jobseeker for at least three of the last fifteen days.

“Unemployment benefits partially compensate for the loss of income due to unemployment.

“In order to qualify for benefits, the person must be a genuine jobseeker, i.e. capable of work and registered as an applicant with the Labor and Welfare Services.

“He or she must also, at short notice and in any part of Norway, be available for any type of part-time or full-time work or labor market measures that he or she is physically and mentally capable of doing.”

Benefits for those who voluntarily resigned vs. those who were involuntarily fired

“Persons who in various ways have caused their own unemployment can be sanctioned in the form of an extended waiting period.

“The sanctions aim to support the requirement of being a genuine jobseeker, and it is reasonable that those who can themselves be blamed for their unemployment, shall bear a part of the financial burden of being without income.”

A six-week waiting time increase

“From January 1, 2021, persons

  • who have resigned from their job without reasonable cause;
  • who have been dismissed due to circumstances caused by themselves;
  • or who refuse to take suitable work or participate in labor market measures

may be required to wait 18 weeks before they can receive unemployment benefits.

This prolonged waiting period was increased from 12 to 18 weeks.”

Source: Norway Today


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