Norway has the safest traffic in the world

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Norway is the country in the world with the fewest deaths in traffic per 100,000 inhabitants, according to an OECD report. The seat belt use, on the other hand, is not as good.

There is a six-fold higher chance of death in traffic in Argentina than in Norway, according to a report from the OECD, Forbes writes.

There are only five countries in the world where dies less than three people per 100,000 inhabitants. In Norway, two people per 100,000 inhabitants die in traffic, making Norway the country in the world where traffic is safest, according to the report.

Further on the list is Sweden with 2.5 deaths in traffic per 100,000 inhabitants , in Switzerland the number is 2.7, in the UK the number is 2.8, while for our neighbors in the south, Denmark, the number is 3. In Chile (10, 4) However, the United States (11.4) and Argentina (12), the situation is quite different. The figures are from 2017.

Over 40 countries have been examined in the OECD report. Traffic safety in these countries is far better than in low- and middle-income countries. Globally, there are an average of 18.3 traffic deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, the report states.

According to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, car belts are the simplest and most effective means of reducing the number of killed and seriously injured in traffic. The OECD report shows that other countries in Europe are far better off than Norwegians to use seat belts.

The French are the best in the class, according to the report, which has considered belt use in the front seat. Both Sweden and Denmark, which end up in 6th place and 10th place respectively, are better than us. Norway is number 12 on the list.

On the other hand, there are few percentages that separate countries. In general, belt use is good, with well over 90 per cent using seat belts in the mentioned countries.

By the end of October, 87 people had lost their lives in traffic in Norway this year, according to figures from Trygg Trafikk, which was published in early November.

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