Norway increased the sale of equipment to war players in Yemen

The Norwegian flag obituariesThe Norwegian flag. Photo: Norway Today Media

In one year, Norway has increased its sales of civilian and military equipment to countries participating in the Saudi-led coalition in the civil war in Yemen.

The military export report for 2015 shows that sales to the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait has increased from 56 million Nok in 2014 to 139 million last year, writes the newspaper Dagbladet.
Whilst sales of weapons, ammunition and equipment for military use has dropped sharply, the so-called multi-purpose equipment for military end use , mainly communications equipment , increased by nearly 100 million.

– The Red Cross has been clear throughout that Norway must respect the commitments we have signed up to in the International Arms trade Agreement. We are therefore against the Norwegian authorities allowing  sale of weapons and ammunition to countries that use them to commit violations of international law. If this happens in Yemen, Norway is violating it’s obligations under international law, says Mads Harlem Red Cross.

Norway shall in accordance with the regulations for export control not sell weapons to countries at war, where war is imminent or where there is civil war. Mads Harlem believes the rules must be changed so that exports to countries that commit war crimes are prohibited.

-The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has strict guidelines and we have no information about whether the Norwegian equipment has been used in violation of humanitarian law or to commit war crimes , says communication Ane Haavard Daughter Lunde at the ministry.