Norway is considering sending nuclear waste to France

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Norway is considering sending around ten tonnes of nuclear waste to France, according to Teknisk Ukeblad. The decision has not yet been made, the government says.

Norwegian nuclear decommissioning (NND) wants to send Norwegian nuclear waste to France for treatment – and leave the high-active waste there, according to a letter from the Ministry of Trade and Fisheries to which Teknisk Ukeblad has access. The letter is dated February 3rd.

The waste is about ten tonnes of metallic uranium, which is currently stored at the Institute of Energy Technology (IFE) at Kjeller in Lillestrøm and in Halden. This can rust and decay in contact with water and is therefore demanding to store.

The Ministry stated in an email to NTB that the government has not made a decision on how Norwegian nuclear waste should be handled and stored.

In 2020, the government will present a parliamentary report on the clean-up of IFE’s nuclear activities, which will highlight the options for handling and storing nuclear waste.

Preliminary calculations show that it will cost more than NOK 15 billion to clean up after the reactors and handle the Norwegian nuclear waste.

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