Norway is getting a new court system

Monica MælandPhoto: Jil Yngland / NTB

On Friday, the government presented a proposal for a new court structure to strengthen legal certainty and provide a better offer throughout the country.

To even out the differences between the courts, the government recommends retaining all current courts but expanding the district courts ‘and land courts’ jurisdictions.

“We want to strengthen the local courts. Our proposal will lead to more judges and increased flexibility in each court. 

“This is good news for the small courts that have too few cases and are not able to utilize their capacity,” Minister of Justice Monica Mæland (H) noted.

New proposals

She pointed out that the Auditor General’s Office described the current situation in the courts as very serious. 

The organization of the courts means that some courts have too few cases and short case processing time, while others have many cases and long processing time.

The government also proposes to introduce a new rule on local processing of cases that should ensure continued access to courts and skilled jobs in the districts, the Minister added.

If both parties in a lawsuit agree, a lawsuit can be moved to another court location in the jurisdiction with a shorter case processing time.

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