Norway joins new vaccine collaboration

Dag-Inge UlsteinMinister of International Development Dag-Inge Ulstein (Christian Democratic Party).Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

After several weeks of negotiations, it is clear that Norway will be allowed to participate in the vaccine collaboration Covax, which will ensure access to more vaccines against the Coronavirus.

The European Commission stated on Monday that the union aims to commit to the international vaccine collaboration Covax – and thus opens up for Norway to commit as well, according to VG.

Minister for Development Aid, Dag Inge Ulstein (KrF) confirms that Norway will participate in the cooperation now that the EU has given us the opportunity to do so.

The cooperation involves joint procurement and distribution of vaccines to all countries and ensures Norway access to more vaccines than through EU cooperation alone.

Covax is led by the World Health Organization (WHO), together with the vaccine alliances Cepi and Gavi. The cooperation will ensure that all countries receive vaccine doses at the same time, so that they can distribute to the most severely affected population groups.

“Even though we have good access to vaccine candidates through the EU, we can in no way rule out that the best vaccine candidate is part of the Covax collaboration,” says the Minister.

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