Norway plans to take in 3,000 quota refugees in 2021

RefugeesPhoto: Ann Fredriksen / NTB

In the proposal for the state budget for 2021, the Norwegian government plans to uphold the intake of 3,000 quota refugees a year – despite demands from budget partner FRP.

“I can confirm that the government wants to receive 3,000 quota refugees next year, and that is a record number. 

“That is three times more than the red-green (coalition) received,” Minister for Children and Families and KRF leader Kjell Ingolf Ropstad told TV 2. 

He noted that Norway must also take on responsibility in a situation when there are more refugees on the run than ever.

FRP wants to cut quota

The figure of 3,000 quota refugees corresponds to the agreement in the Granavolden political platform from January 2019, through which the FRP, the Conservatives, the Liberals, and the Christian Democrats agreed to the refugee quota. 

However, the FRP now believes the agreement no longer bounds them as they have left the government in January this year.

During FRP’s national board meeting in September, they demanded cuts to the number of quota refugees coming to Norway.

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