Norway registers record number of corona cases in single week

Corona patientPhoto: Tore Meek / NTB

A total of 4,413 Norwegians were diagnosed with the coronavirus last week. That is more than in any single week so far during the pandemic, according to statistics from the National Institute of Public Health (FHI).

According to the statistics, the previous weekly record was set in week 46 last year with 4,088 proven infection cases.

Thus, week 1 in 2021 became the worst infection week in the now ten-month-long pandemic, newspaper Dagbladet writes.

The Norwegian government introduced new national measures on Sunday, January 3. 

The hope is that Norway will see the effect of these measures this week.

Update on Wednesday

On Wednesday, the government will hold a new press conference on the corona situation. 

It is currently unclear whether the closure of schools and universities and the social closure will be continued.

The national measures will last until January 19. But there is a high probability that the measures will be extended, Minister of Education Guri Melby (V) and Minister of Research Henrik Asheim (H) warned earlier Tuesday.

On Tuesday, it also became clear that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is extending its recommendation for Norwegians to avoid travel abroad that is not strictly necessary until March 1.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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1 Comment on "Norway registers record number of corona cases in single week"

  1. The bodycount is grimmer. We’re catching up to Sweden. 20-something for Norway yesterday – 30-something for Sweden.

    Time has run out for Norway’s government to *order* everyone to facemask out in public … and to ENFORCE that.

    Or did Sweden’s government emigrate to Norway?

    Meanwhile, *13* “elderly” people have died in Norway from the *vaccine* … so far … and the ultimate side effects of such a powerful and profound vaccine may not be known for months if not years.

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