Norway sends IT experts to help after Hurricane Irma

Hurricane IrmaIn this GOES-13 satellite image taken Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2017 at 7:15 a.m. EDT, and released by NASA/NOAA GOES Project, Hurricane Irma tracks over Saint Martin and the Leeward Islands. Hurricane Irma roared into the Caribbean with record force early Wednesday, its 185-mph winds shaking homes and flooding buildings on a chain of small islands along a path toward Puerto Rico, Cuba and Hispaniola and a possible direct hit on densely populated South Florida. (NASA/NOAA GOES Project via AP)

Norway sends IT experts to help after Hurricane Irma

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has sent two ICT experts to Barbados to help the UN in their crisis management after Hurricane Irma.


Hurricane Irma is the most intense ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean and it has already reached several islands in the Caribbean, destroying telecommunications in its wake.

On Tuesday, UN asked the member states to help with ICT experts.

The Directorate for Civil Protection and Preparedness and Civil Defense has sent two experts armed with necessary equipment.

The two will ensure that the UN team can communicate with the outside world through satellite telephony and furthermore provide the ICT support that the relief workers need.

The Norwegians are included as an integral part of the UN team, and it is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that picks up the bill for the mission, writes DSB.

– To already be in place in the area when the destruction after the hurricane is to be mapped is a great advantage in handling of the incident.

– The two ICT experts will assist the assistants in communicating under extremely challenging conditions, says Director in DSB, Cecilie Daae.

The hurricane is upgraded to Category 5, which is the highest level, and has gusts of winds reaching 100 meters per second – equal to 360 kilometers per hour.


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