Norway supports proposals to expel Turkey from the F-35 program

Defense Minister Frank Bakke-JensenDefense Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen.Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB Scanpix

Norway supports the United States in that Turkey cannot continue to be involved in the deal around the new F-35 fighter planes if they buy air defense missiles from Russia.

The United States is furious with Turkey, after the country has refused to withdraw from a deal buying S-400 air defense missiles from Russia. If Turkey does not cancel the weapon system purchase by July 31, the Americans will not allow the country to be part of the partneship around the new fighter aircraft F-35 development.

Defense Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen (H) says he supports the Americans in their response to Turkey,

“It is obvious that making the F-35 program vulnerable, is something none of our partners are interested in,” says Defense Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen to VG.

Turkey and Norway, together with Denmark, Italy and the Netherlands, are cooperating around the purchase of the new fighter aircrafts.

The F35 program is the biggest investment we have ever made. When one considers that this will increase the vulnerability of the program, then we are not willing for them to participate, says Bakke-Jensen.

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says the purchase of the Russian missiles is about Turkey’s sovereignty , and told its own party group on Tuesday that it is out of the question for the country to renege on the deal.

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