Norway tops Female Opportunity Index

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Followed closely by Finland and Iceland, Norway topped the latest international Female Opportunity Index. The Index measures the level of gender equality in 100 countries.

The analysis suggests that the COVID-19 pandemic has taken more women than men out of the labor market.

Women have taken the main role of childcare and homeschooling when schools closed, the analysis states, which compares leadership positions in politics and business, pay differences, women’s legal status, maternity leave, and access to education.

At the same time, countries with female leaders such as Germany, Norway and New Zealand have been among the best in dealing with the pandemic.

Much longer maternity leave

Norway scores particularly well on political representation, women in business positions, and gender equality laws.

But Norway is also far from the best in all areas.

The Norwegian maternity leave of 637 days holds ranks eighth on the list.

Estonia, Slovakia, Finland, and Hungary provide more than 1,100 days’ leave.

The United States occupies the bottom of the list with no days off after birth of a child.

Equal pay

Equal pay is one of the variables where Norway scores well, but it is not quite at the top.

Norwegian men must work until October 15 on average to earn an annual salary for women.

In Slovakia, the equal pay date is October 21, in Thailand it’s October 22, in Singapore it’s October 25, and in Vietnam it’s October 26.

Pakistan takes the bottom spot of the list. There, men earn a woman’s salary already on March 3.

Rwanda strongest in politics

The Female Opportunity Index dates back to 1970.

Norway is in twelfth place when it comes to the representation of women in politics.

At the top is Rwanda, followed by Spain and Finland.

The sum of all the indicators ranked Norway as the top country on the list.

In the Nordic countries, Denmark (7th place) and Sweden (13th place) are a bit behind.

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