Norway welcomes agreement between Fatah and Hamas

Fatah and HamasFatah and Hamas officials pose for a photograph after a reconciliation deal is signed during a short ceremony at the Egyptian intelligence complex in Cairo, Egypt, Thursday, Oct. 12, 2017. Thursday's signing came after two days of negotiations in the Egyptian capital on the governing of the Gaza Strip as part of the most serious effort to date to end the 10 year rift between the rival Palestinian groups. (AP Photo/Nariman El-Mofty)

According to UD, the agreement between Fatah and Hamas, which was signed on Thursday, is an important step in the right direction in giving Palestinian authorities full control in Gaza.


The agreement signed between Fatah and Hamas supposedly includes Hamas to release their power in Gaza. Many obstacles remain for Palestinian reconciliation, but Norway welcomes the agreement.

“The agreement will hopefully be able to help solve the precarious needs of the Palestinian people in Gaza,” says Secretary of State of UD, Marit Berger Røsland, to NTB. She states that Norway, as leader of the Giverlandsgruppen for Palestina (AHLC), will work closely with Palestinian, Israeli and Egyptian authorities to help address the increased financial needs of the implementation of the agreement. According to Røsland, no decision has been made about any changes in the composition of the Palestinian Government as a result of the agreement reached between the Palestinian Faction in Cairo.

Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, condemned Thursday’s agreement and said it would make it much more difficult to create peace with Israel. The details of the agreement are not yet known, but the President of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas, confirms that agreement has been reached and calls it “a final agreement to end the division”.

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