Norway will not follow Denmark and take away the citizenship from both the children and their parents who fought for IS

Passports, dual citizenshipPassports.Photo: Norway Today Media

“Norway will not follow Denmark’s example and deprive Norwegian IS parents and their children of citizenship,” states Minister for Integration Jan Tore Sanner (H).

“All Norwegian citizens have the right to come to Norway, and children should not suffer for their parents’ choice. But, Norwegians who have gone to IS ‘service’ will be prosecuted should they return to Norway,” says Sanner in an email to NTB.

On Thursday, the Danish government and the Danish People’s Party entered into an agreement that will make it easier to take away the citizenship from Danish IS fighters who have dual citizenship and from their children.

“We will create policies for Norwegian conditions, Danish politicians must create policies that solve challenges for Denmark,” says the Minister of Education and Research.

Frp supports the Danes
The right-wing party partner Frp, in contrast to Sanner, supports the Danes, and the party’s immigration policy spokesman Jon Engen-Helgheim believes Norway should consider doing the same.

“These parents have moved from Norway, joined a cruel terror regime and are actively fighting against all the values we stand for, then they should not have the privilege of Norwegian citizenship,” he says to NTB.

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