Norway will receive 900 refugees from Congo and 500 from South Sudan


This year, Norway will receive up to 1,000 refugees from Syria, 900 from Congo, and 500 from South Sudan said the Ministry of Justice.

In the state budget each year, parliament decides how large the quota of transfer refugees should be. In total, the quota for transfer refugees is 3,000 people this year.

Which refugee groups will be included in the year’s quota will be decided by the Ministry of Justice and Emergency Planning, which has determined the following distribution this year:

  • 900 Congolese refugees in Uganda
  • 750 Syrian refugees in Lebanon and up to 250 Syrian refugees in Jordan
  • 500 South Sudanese refugees in Ethiopia
  • 450 refugees evacuated from Libya or other countries in North Africa

In addition, 150 open spaces and 60 medical places are counted against the sub-quotas so that the total does not exceed 3,000.

The Ministry of Justice wrote in a letter to the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI), that they assume that the UDI, IMDi and the Police Immigration Unit will participate in all the withdrawal commissions, and that the Police Security Service will participate in the withdrawal commissions to select Syrian refugees and refugees who are evacuated
from Libya.

The interviews of refugees evacuated from Libya will be conducted in Romania. The guidelines from the Ministry of Justice state that vulnerable women are a priority group. In addition, families with children under the age of 18 must be given priority.

Transfer refugees, often referred to as quota refugees, are people who are usually registered as refugees by the UN High Commissioner for
Refugees (UNHCR), but who cannot be offered a lasting solution in the country in which they are located and which can therefore be offered
settlement in a third country .

It is the UN High Commissioner for Refugees who promotes the applications for the transfer refugees, and the UDI decides which of them will come to Norway. The UDI organises the journey and has clarified in which municipality
they will live in advance.

Asylum seekers who come to Norway on their own are not included in the annual refugee quota.

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