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Norway Wrestles Citizen Rights From British

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Norway and the UK have released a joint ‘positive’ statement after state level discussions aimed at securing rights of Norwegians in Britain and vice versa after Brexit.


‘The parties confirm a joint desire to safeguard the status and protect the rights of British citizens residing in Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein with reciprocation of status and protection to citizens of these 3 countries living within the UK.’ quotes the joint statement.

20,000 Norwegians, Icelanders and Liechtensteiners within Britain will have their rights guaranteed by mutual state agreement. This same agreement will also apply to 15,000 British citizens within these same said countries.

In December 2017, the EU and UK agreed on a preliminary agreement of citizen rights but the scheme was only applicable to UK and EU citizens.

The state level discussions took place 12, February, 2018


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