Norway’s conscripts ordered to reuse underwear

SoldiersPhoto: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB

COVID-led supply shortages have forced Norwegian conscripts to hand back their underwear when they have completed their military service. 

Logistic problems lead to reuse and recycling  

Norwegian military conscripts have been told to return their underwear upon completion of their military service. Some 8.000 conscripts are called up, every year, as part of Norway’s effort in guarding NATO’s frontier with Russia. ​

Until recently, the young men and women were allowed to leave the service with the underwear and socks provided. However, factory shutdowns and transport issues, caused by Covid, have led the Norwegian military to mandate the handing over of the used underwear, bra, and socks upon completion of service.​

Hans Meisingset, defense logistics spokesperson, told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) that “The textiles are washed, cleaned, and checked. What we distribute is in good condition.” 

However, not all are happy the Norwegian military is taking recycling to a new level. Conscript representative Eirik Sjohelle Eiksund criticized the logistical issues telling Forsvarets Forum that “severe shortages of equipment and clothing can potentially affect operational readiness and, in the worst case, the safety of the soldier.” 

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  1. This was BIG NEWS around the (rest of the) world some days ago. 🙂
    On my forums, I’ve rationalized that the Scots must have gotten their famous if not notorious money-tight reputation from the raiding/invading Norwegians/Vikings. (I have ancestors from the Shetlands. 😎 )
    Seriously, there are some skin infections as stubborn as any other disease, and those garments should be thoroughly STERILIZED before being passed on to someone else.

    And finally, conscripting girls … who are on short biological clocks as it is and have infinitely more important roles in society (helping to make families) than playing army … is socially/reproductively flat STUPID.
    (Where is Kåre Willoch when we need (to listen to) him? RIP, Kåre. 🙁 )

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