Norway’s cultural industry to hold protest against the war in Ukraine in front of Russian embassy

Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB

More than 60 actors and organizations from the field of culture will hold a demonstration in front of the Russian embassy on Thursday in protest against the country’s war in Ukraine.

The demonstration will take place in front of the embassy in Drammensveien in Oslo on Thursday afternoon.

“Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is an attack on an independent democratic state and a gross violation of international law. Russian aggression threatens peace and security in Europe, endangering millions of people. The consequences of the war are a humanitarian catastrophe,” the initiators of the demonstration, which takes place between 3 and 4 PM, wrote.

In total, we are over 60 organizations and actors from the cultural field will make it clear that the war must be stopped now, the organizers noted.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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1 Comment on "Norway’s cultural industry to hold protest against the war in Ukraine in front of Russian embassy"

  1. This should be in front of *our* embassy, since *we* – Biden&Blinken – blocked the peace treaty, but then “celebrities” aren’t known for being cerebral.

    No COMPETENT president would put the families of everyone in the world in such grave danger like this. Moderate Russian political leader Dmitry Medvedev has just stated that we – America – are going to be “put in our place” – they’re not backing down because they can’t back down. And the Chinese are apparently rejecting Jake Sullivan’s attempt to intimidate them.

    Putin and the Russians are being left with NO choice but nuclear war just like Biden&Blinken refusing a fair peace treaty left them with no choice but invading Ukraine.

    And the unanimous Senate vote that Putin – not Biden – is the war criminal responsible for this tragedy only confirms to the Kremlin how totally closed-minded and one-sided our Western political “leaders'” mindset is.

    So the ONLY outcome I now see to this – unless someone in the West of stature speaks out or our abjectly neocon American leadership cadre is somehow (legally) stopped – Kåre Willoch would have –

    is the nuclear holocaust my Baby Boomer generation grew up in childhood fear of.

    And Norway’s civil defenses/sivillforsvars remain *criminally* unprepared.

    Biden’s closed dogmatic mind reflects his upbringing and political machine background, and he is the very last person we need in the Oval Office at a time like this. And coat-tailing Kamala would be worse.

    Again, the now 7 motives Biden&Blinken have for this war were/are:

    1. To return the world to an economically and politically (and militarily) segregated bipolar Cold War state, to safeguard Western economic and political hegemony.

    2. To pursue the World War 2 strategy of knocking off the European opponent before the Asian opponent, to regain for the U.S. and West strategic military hegemony.

    3. To have a major war to finally get that Democrat war powers dictatorship Joe Biden, Joe Lieberman, and John McCain tried to get in 1999 with our Kosovo war, and the Washington Post has already eagerly hailed Joe to be a “wartime president.”

    4. Consistent with the Democrat line that Trump and some Republicans were and are pro-Russian to the point of treasonous, to politically polarize Americans into “pro-war patriots” vs. “anti-war traitors” – the latter like myself being rational, realist dissidents opposing the holocaust their pro-superpower-war – neoconservative – policy is propelling us into.

    5. To “re-unite” the Country with – what else? – a war, except there won’t be anything left of it/us to re-unite.

    6. Regime change, hoping that the Russian people will rebel politically, especially if the war appears to be going badly as it appears it is. Except Russia has now declared martial law, and “Z” (Zapad!/West(ward)!) is now in fashion there.

    7. To deflect public attention away from charges that Joe and Hunter Biden were themselves involved in corrupt Ukraine machinations.

    Thanks to these fools, the West and our loved ones are in our last moments, unless someone speaks out and stops our slide into the abyss.

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