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Norway’s F-35 aircraft are now operational

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As the last step in two years of testing, the F-35 aircraft were test flown on Wednesday from Ørland to the Air Defense Base at Rygge. The planes are now ready for their first mission.

Since the first three F-35 fighter jets landed on Norwegian soil in November 2017, the Air Force has tested how the aircraft cope with special Norwegian conditions.

Winter operations, operations in the north, and collaborations with the country’s army, navy and special forces have been carried out, and the last test was the relocation of the aircraft and associated equipment from Ørland to Rygge, which was completed on Wednesday.

The move is only temporary, and the planes will return to Ørland, where 15 of Norway’s 22 F-35s will now operate from. The other aircraft are posted in the United States for educational purposes.

The defense has thus achieved its goal from 2011 to reach operational capability with the aircraft by the end of 2019.

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