Norway’s FHI: The third vaccine dose by itself isn’t enough to get the spread of omicron under control

Geir BukholmPhoto: Terje Pedersen / NTB

“10% of omicron-infected people in Denmark had received three doses of the corona vaccine. The vaccines alone are not enough to control the spread of infection,” infection control chief Geir Bukholm at the National Institute of Public Health (FHI) says.

“It’s not surprising. We know that these vaccines do not protect 100%. Even with a booster dose, some will be infected,” Bukholm told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK).

A total of 2,471 people in Denmark have been registered as infected with the omicron variant, Sunday figures show. Almost 10% of them became infected even though they had taken three vaccine doses. In Norway, so far, none of those infected with the omicron variant have been vaccinated with three doses, according to the FHI.

“The most important effect we expect from a booster dose is that we can protect people quite effectively against serious illness,” Bukholm noted.

Continuous assessment

It is continuously assessed whether the corona measures that are in place are sufficient, Bukholm added.

“We do not expect that a third dose alone will be enough to get control over the spread of infection,” he said.

Assistant health director Espen Nakstad agrees. 

The figures from Denmark show that the number of registered omicron infection cases is increasing rapidly. 

“It’s developing very fast. We see it in the number of hospital admissions in Denmark, and we are concerned that this could take place very fast. Then, we must also assess our measures in Norway, whether they are effective enough against omicron,” he said.

Among other things, it is important to find out where the infection spreads and whether the measures are targeted enough, Nakstad believes.

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