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Norway’s FHI: Those infected with omicron have a 69% lower risk of hospitalization

Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB

Preliminary analyses from Norway indicate that there is a 69% lower risk of being admitted to the hospital with the omicron variant of the coronavirus than with the delta variant.

The National Institute of Public Health (FHI) announced the information in its risk report.

In the last four weeks, the proportion of omicron among new patients admitted to the hospital with COVID-19 as the main cause of hospitalization has increased from 1.7% in week 50 to 32% in week 1.

Almost all corona infection cases in Norway are now cases of the omicron variant.


According to the FHI, vaccination can affect the severity of the disease course for corona patients. The type of the vaccine, the number of doses received, the interval between doses, and the time since the last dose was administered all play a role. 

Therefore, it is difficult to determine whether an observed difference in hospitalization risk or death risk is due to vaccination or changes in the virus’ virulence, i.e., its ability to lead to disease, according to the FHI.

A milder disease course among vaccinated omicron patients does not necessarily mean unvaccinated people should expect the same, the FHI pointed out.

The omicron variant appears to cause a less serious disease course than the delta variant in all age groups.

“Compared with the delta variant, the hospital admission risk for the omicron variant is perhaps only a third, the risk of further transfer to the intensive care unit is further reduced, and the length of stay in hospital is shortened,” the FHI noted. 

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