Norway’s Foreign Minister Huitfeldt wants a debate on the EEA

Anniken HuitfeldtPhoto: Torstein Bøe / NTB

Debate on the EEA is only healthy, according to Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt (AP). In 2022, she will kick off the government’s controversial new EEA report.

On Tuesday, Huitfeldt gave the regular bi-annual report to the Norwegian parliament (Storting) on important EU and EEA issues.

She announced new details about the report that the Labor and Center Party government has promised about the EEA. According to the Minister for Foreign Affairs, an important goal is to contribute with as much information as possible so that as many people as possible can contribute to the EEA debate.

“Debate about Europe is important for Norway,” Huitfeldt said.

In her statement, she highlighted the European debate as an area of “good dissent and healthy disagreement” in the Storting.

“Then we should at least debate the questions.”

Looking at nearby countries

Huitfeldt’s goal is for the new EEA report to start in 2022.

“We want the report to shed light on the challenges and opportunities the EEA has given Norway over the past decade. We also want to look at what experiences other related countries outside the EU have from their connection to European cooperation,” she said.

Huitfeldt further pointed out that both Norway and the EU have developed over the past decade, and the geopolitical picture has undergone major changes.

“We will therefore update our knowledge and assess the experiences from the EEA. It is the most comprehensive agreement Norway has ever entered into. It will be useful and positive for Norwegian public debate,” she said.

“As a declared EEA supporter, I am a strong supporter of a lot of discussion,” Huitfeldt added. At the same time, she made it clear that the EEA report should be research and knowledge-based.

“We will now take a closer look at the mandate, organization, and working methods.

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  1. EEA means either European Economic Area or European Environmental Agency.

    There is absolutely no way to tell from the article which one this eEA in question is.

    Which is it, NT?

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