Norway’s health institute: A curfew could violate human rights

Camilla StoltenbergPhoto: Torstein Bøe / NTB

The National Institute of Public Health (FHI) believes that a curfew could violate human rights.

Before Christmas, the FHI was commissioned to investigate the need for a curfew in Norway. 

The FHI’s position appears to indicate that they believe that a curfew may be in violation of human rights as an infection control measure against COVID-19, Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported on Sunday.

“Overall, we consider that the marginal benefit of a curfew, even in its strictest form, is small,” the FHI wrote in its report.

On Friday, the government sent a proposal for regulation related to curfews for consultation. 

In the proposal, the government proposes that such a curfew can be adopted for up to 21 days and then extended for up to 14 days at a time.

The proposal’s consultation deadline is January 31.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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2 Comments on "Norway’s health institute: A curfew could violate human rights"

  1. Bring it on 🙂 Every single COVID-19 restriction has already violated all human rights possible, so why worry now? I can see that the curfew is coming and there is no need to play a ‘bad cop good cop’ game.

  2. This is a *dire* medical emergency public health and safety crisis, and we are dealing with an extraordinarily contagious and deadly disease. Libertarian approaches to “rights” must be secondary, until the disease is back under control.

    Besides curfew, facemasking in public must be made mandatory, and it must be ENFORCED.

    There are lots of people here (I see on busses, for example) with the mean, self-centered or just malevolent … “to heck with you” … attitude toward others who seem to enjoy ostentatiously flouting the government’s “recommendations” and thus *endangering* others.

    King Harald’s speech a year ago about this being a time to think of others, was right on target.

    And in an officially *Christian* nation, you would expect people *to* think of others.

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