Norway’s highest recorded heat temperature of 35.6 degrees can be tangled in Nordland

Photo: Audun Braastad / NTB scanpix

With a heat measurement of 35.6 degrees, Laksfors in Nordland on Saturday may have broken Norway’s oldest heat record from 1970 – with a small reservation.

The Meteorological Institute must double check that the station is working properly, the Meteorologists tweeted late on Saturday afternoon.

The Norwegian highest heat temperature record was measured in Nesbyen on June 20, 1970, writes NRK.

The highest verified temperature was recorded in Mosjøen right before 17:00, with 35 degrees.

The old county record for Nordland was 33.8 degrees. Thus, the county record has now been beaten by as much as 1.8 degrees. Sogn og Fjordane has also got a new county record, with 33.9 degrees at Fjærland.

Seen all over, Nordland has been one of Europe’s warmest places on Saturday. In Saltdal it is measured 34.6 degrees and in Godøy it is measured 33.6 degrees. It writes VG.

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