Norway’s Labor Party wants to guarantee a job or education to everyone under the age of 30

Jonas Gahr StørePhoto: Vidar Ruud / NTB

The Labor Party (AP) is planning to campaign on a guarantee that everyone under the age of 30 should have a right to a job, education, or skills-based training within two months.

AP leader Jonas Gahr Støre came out with the news during a visit to Hamar Cathedral School in Innlandet county on Thursday. 

The AP’s election program proposal will be presented on Friday.

The Labor Party will “introduce an apprenticeship guarantee by ensuring that all students who are qualified receive an apprenticeship through a binding collaboration between the state, the county municipality, and business.”

More apprenticeships

The number of apprenticeships will be increased by requiring all municipalities to offer at least three apprenticeships per 1,000 inhabitants annually, imposing stricter requirements on the number of apprenticeships in state enterprises, and requiring private kindergartens to take in apprentices. 

The AP also wants to reform things when it comes to new recipients of, for example, disability benefits.

The Innlandet county is at the nation’s top in terms of its proportion of disabled people, both in the entire population and among young people.

Bigger role for NAV and the municipalities

The Labor Party wants the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) to have the overall responsibility for ensuring that there are jobs adapted to those who can work. 

At the same time, it wants the municipalities to have a duty of ensuring that this group of people gets a job. 

The municipalities’ additional costs for the scheme will be covered (by the state).

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