Norway’s largest mosque can be removed as a religious community

Tawfiiq Islamic Center.Photo:

Norway’s largest mosque Tawfiiq Islamic Center may be removed as a registered religious community, the county governor in Oslo and Viken announced Tuesday.

If the religious community were to be removed, it could mean that they lose the right to state and local government grants, and also the right to devote, writes NRK.

State aid has already been temporarily suspended, as the mosque has two boards that both claim to represent the mosque.

As there has been no clarification as to who is the legally elected board, the County Governor has therefore warned that it may be necessary to erase the religious community, the statement from the County Governor says according to NRK.

The mosque, with its 7,837 members, is located in Åkebergveien in Oslo, and is Norway’s largest single mosque.

Religious communities receive NOK 1,000 annually from the public per member. The support for 2019 of almost NOK 8 million should have been paid out in June, but the payment has been suspended.

The county governor has given the religious community five weeks to make a statement for the new notice.

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