Norway’s largest naval vessel in place in Bergen

KNM Maud.Bergen.KNM Maud.Photo : Marit Hommedal / NTB scanpix

With a length of 181 meters and a width of 26 meters, KNM Maud is the largest ship that the Navy has at its disposal. On Friday, the new logistics vessel arrived in Bergen.

The vessel will be the largest in the Navy, with a tonnage that is over five times as large as a frigate. KNM Maud’s main tasks are to support maritime forces with supplies, and the ship can also act as a command vessel.

‘’KNM Maud will give the Navy vessels significantly increased operational availability and the ability to be present in the operating area in time. The navy must be able to operate in the north in time, both in the sea areas and along the coast. With these new logistics, our ability to monitor the nation’s most important areas will be significantly enhanced’’ said Defence Minister, Frank Bakke-Jensen of Høyre (H) who was present when the ship arrived at the naval base at Haakonsvern in Bergen.

The ship replaces the 21-year-old logistics vessel, KNM Valkyrien, and will now be equipped further while it is located at a quay in Bergen. The official
baptism will be carried out in May and the ship is scheduled to be fully operational next year.

The contract for the construction of the ship was awarded in 2013. The ship was originally scheduled for completion in 2016, but was postponed several
times due to problems with the South Korean shipyard, Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering. Only in November last year was it formally taken over by the Armed Forces from the shipyard in South Korea. The ship sailed from Busan in South Korea at the beginning of

February and has cost NOK 2 billion.

KNM Maud wants a core crew of 43 people and an additional crew of 116. It also has room for two NH90 helicopters. The new helicopters were originally to be delivered in 2008. Of the 14 helicopters, only eight are delivered, but only six could be used for training. It is hoped that all 14 ordered helicopters will be ready by next year, and hopefully two of these will end up on board KNM Maud.

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