Norway’s new European ministers were briefed by Barnier

Marit Berger RøslandEuropean Minister Marit Berger Røsland.(L).Photo: Johan Falnes / NTB scanpix

EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier promises to ponder over how the rights of Norwegians in Britain can be safeguarded when the British leave the EU.

Marit Berger Røsland (H) was on Monday on her first visit to Brussels as European Ministers. There she received an update from EU negotiator Michel Barnier about the status of the divorce settlement between the EU and the UK.

He confirmed that he would like to see how Norway and the other EEA countries can be included when an agreement on the rights of EU citizens in the UK and British in the EU is to be concluded.

“We are not in tandem yet, but I think there is a parallel here,” Barnier told NTB after the meeting.

Last week, Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) spoke with UK Prime Minister Theresa May on the matter. May then confirmed that she wanted to extend the same offer to Norwegians as to the EU citizens.

This Røsland was sure to reveal at the meeting with Barnier. According to her, the chief negotiator confirmed that he would look into possible solutions for Norway.

“I think we all agree that the agreement on citizens’ rights negotiated between the UK and the EU must also be extended to the EEA countries,” she said.

A source on the EU side has also previously confirmed to NTB that this is the goal, but it has not been clarified how to make it happen legally.


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