Norway’s new infection control app met with mixed feelings, survey shows

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In a recent survey, four out of ten Norwegians answered that they would use the new state-sponsored infection tracking app.

However, the same number of Norwegians are skeptical when it comes to the new app.

The survey was conducted by Opinion among 1,365 Norwegians.

It showed that 41%of those surveyed were positive about the new infection tracking app that the government is planning to release.

When the authorities launched Smittestopp (the old app that has now been discontinued), six out of ten Norwegians said they wanted to use the app.

Less enthusiasm

The enthusiasm surrounding the new app is considerably lower now, but senior adviser Nora Clausen at Opinion believes the reasons behind the new response are complex.

“Taking into consideration the weaker impact of the coronavirus in Norway today, compared to April, and the fact that the first app attempt failed, these figures might be seen as good news for the app,” Clausen said.

Furthermore, 40% of Norwegians said they didn’t want to use a new infection tracking app today.

Experts originally estimated that between 50% and 60% of Norwegians (close to 2.5 million active users) would have to use the Smittestopp app for the app to have an effect.

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