Norway’s oldest man has died

Old hands.Old hands.Photo.

Torbjørn Øvrebø from Lom has past away, he was 108 years old. He was Norway’s oldest living man since July last year.


The 108 year old died last week and the family requested privacy until after the funeral, according to Gudbrandsdølen Dagningen.

Bjørn Erik Øverbø, his nephew says that he died peacefully in his sleep.

“He was lucid til the very end.” and he said, “he had a good job at the Moelv Living and Service Center in Hedmark.”

When Øvrebø reached 107 years in August last year, he informed NTB that he was not particularly concerned that he was Norway’s oldest living man. Øverbø had no explanation as to why he had lived so long, but mentioned that he walked a lot during his life.

At the age of 100, he still walked a kilometer every day to retrieve the newspaper, and as he moved to the living and activity center, he continued to make sure to “get some fresh air” daily.

Øvrebø was born in Lom, second of eleven siblings, and lived at the Øverbø garden until he was 9 years old. The family then moved to Eiriksvea at Brøttum, they were without road connections for decades and with 4.5 kilometers walking distance to school.

Before Øvrebø became the country’s oldest living man, it was Carl W. Falck who had the honorary designation. He past away in July 2016 at 109 years old.


NTB Scanpix / Norway Today