Norway’s oldest man will become 107 years old on Monday

Old hands.Old hands.Photo.

Øverbø has declined all media inquiries about photography and interviews, also local, mostly because he has some problem to see and hear and is not comfortable for him being photographed. There are graphics on the matter.

On Monday of 107 years ago Torbjørn Øverbø from Ringsaker was born. He thinks that’s not so special, but the cake will be.

Øverbø is now the oldest man, something he could not very concerned, getting news agency NTB illuminated. He lives in Ringsaker residential and activity center in Brumunddal Hedmark, makes sure to get passed a little every day and likes to chat with people. Huge outcry, however, he is not so fond of.

Thorbjørn was born in Lom, number two of a total of eleven siblings and lived at Øverbø until he was 9 years. When the family moved to Eiriksvea in Brøttum, without road for decades, and with 4.5 km to school.

Life has dealt with a lot of extended family and farming activities. Although he never married and now he is the last survivor of sibling.

Øverbø has no explanation for why he has lived so long, but he has gone far in his lives. When he reached 100 years he still walked daily one kilometer to fetch the newspaper and when he eventually moved to Ringsaker residential and activity center, he continued to make sure to get “some move” daily.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today