Norway’s Olympic champion skier loses license for life due to reckless driving, gets sentenced to prison

Petter NorthugPhoto: Ned Alley / NTB

Norway’s double Olympic champion Petter Northug has been sentenced to seven months in prison and for reckless driving. He lost his driver’s license for life. Northug accepted the verdict.

District Court Judge Ole Kristen Øverberg announced the verdict after hearing the case against Northug in Oslo District Court on Monday.

“I accept the verdict,” Northug said after thinking about it and talking to his lawyer.

The prosecution requested eight months of unconditional imprisonment.

The judge said that the fact that Northug filmed his driving and later showed the video to friends, as well as the fact that he has previously been convicted of a similar offense, were aggravating circumstances.

Northug confessed to all the circumstances of the crime.

Driving 221 km/h in a 80 km/h zone

Northug has been convicted of reckless driving. Four cases against him took place over three different days: one case on August 10, one case on August 12, and two cases on August 13. 

The most serious speeding offense was driving 221 kilometers per hour in an 80 kilometers per hour zone.

Northug was also charged with possession of more than six grams of cocaine in addition to 0.6 grams of MDMA. 

He has had three tablets of the drug Diazepam and two tablets containing Alprazolam.

According to the indictment, the former cross-country skier entered the opposite lane several times while filming everything and commenting on his own driving. 

On three occasions, the speed surpassed 200 kilometers per hour.

Drunk driving in 2014

In 2014, Petter Northug was sentenced to 50 days of unconditional imprisonment for driving under the influence. 

Even then, he lost his driver’s license for life. However, in practice, that means that he could apply to get it back after five years. 

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