Norway’s Police Security Service: Anti-state thinking could lead to radicalization

PST - Hans Sverre SjøvoldPhoto: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

In the past year, the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) has registered increased activity among people who promote anti-state thinking. It is unlikely that they will try to carry out terror attacks. Anti-state thinking is particularly linked to conspiracy theories surrounding the corona pandemic and mass vaccination.

According to the PST, many right-wing extremists believe that the vaccine is a tool for controlling or killing large parts of the population. That helps to reinforce an already great hatred of the authorities, the threat assessment for 2022 warns.

According to PST, some right-wing extremists also emphasize the increased risk that climate change will contribute to mass immigration. That could help reinforce the conspiracy theory that there is a genocide against the white race and Western culture.

The PST considers it unlikely that these people will try to carry out terrorist acts but believes it is possible that individuals will be radicalized.

Source : NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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2 Comments on "Norway’s Police Security Service: Anti-state thinking could lead to radicalization"

  1. AMAZING! I just addressed the exact same kind of U.S. Department of Homeland Security position, in its 7Feb22 bulletin, against anti-government thinking among Americans under the article about the intelligence assessment of Russia and China being Norway’s “main threat actors” … which was rather different in subject.
    Here, PST is expressing concern about “anti-state” opinions leading to “radicalization,” but is saying that in Norway it probably won’t lead to violence.
    (It depends on the kind of radicalization, and looking at Sweden next door that radicalization probably will turn violent and may overflow into Norway … as other crime already has … if it isn’t closely watched.)

    Here is my American response under the other article about people taking “anti-state” positions:
    Meanwhile, on 7 February 2022 the U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued a bulletin saying that those who incite distrust in the government and/or speak in the public forum disagreeing with the official narrative are to be monitored, for fear of violent others using those alternative views to justify political violence and terrorism.

    Except we Americans have always had a very healthy distrust in government, embodied in our checks and balances Constitution of our representative democracy/constitutional republic, and it is actually patriotic to guard against abuse of power by government as well as by individuals. (Regarding the latter, note President Teddy Roosevelt’s “trust-busting” for the sake of the American People.)

    A true American thinks objectively and independently – thinks for him or her self – politically, even while obeying the law.

    Unfortunately, Democrats are prone to authoritarianism as we saw in 1999 when McCain&Biden tried to get the Clinton government war/dictatorship powers just using our wrongful (Rambouillet App. B) Kosovo bombing war as the pretext – voted down 78-22 (note no abstentions) by our senators back then who knew what was going on.

    And then in 2021, *Trump* seemed ready to welcome a mob-induced coup!
    So DOES the Norwegian government – or PST, anyway – *have* a problem with residents thinking (rationally) for themselves and taking a public position which may be in opposition to its position on an issue? Or is disagreement and discourse on public issues still allowed?
    … incidentally noting the Norway Today article yesterday that Norway has been adjudged to be the most democratic country in the world, at that.

    That is, is this brinking on *anti-democratic* counter-intelligence? Is PST channeling now-Democrat-controlled DHS?

    (Note: I myself have been facemasking – and was pushing the reluctant Norwegian government to mandate that – from March 2020 and do have my Norwegian vaccination certificate … for that issue.)

  2. It is grim to remember that during the Obama&Biden Democrat administration, American dissidents Philip Marshall (9/11 truth seeker/teller) and David Crowley (The Gray State film) *and their families* died in one too many “murder-suicides” to be believed.

    The Democrat Party in America tends to be authoritarian, because its primary strength comes from urban political machines. As well, there is President Joe Biden’s authoritarianly Irish Catholic upbringing

    In 1960, there were allegations that the Chicago “vote early and vote often” political machine backed by the Mafia threw the election to John F. Kennedy (who would later lose Mafia cash cow Cuba to the communists and then ….)
    There were 40 and more questionable deaths in Arkansas – including a young woman 7 months pregnant shot in the back of her head, locally ruled a suicide – when the Clintons were there, and the suicide note for first Clinton White House chief of staff and prospective Whitewater scandal principal witness Vince Foster was found to be a forgery according to 3 handwriting experts quoted in British Independent, and that note has since disappeared.

    In Election Year 2016, there were 4 suspicious deaths:
    – Victor Thorn – perennial Clinton accuser – said in a media interview if he was found dead it wouldn’t be suicide. He was found dead and the local authorities – who do what higher powers want in such cases – ruled suicide.
    – Former UN General Assembly President and prospective Clinton-implicating ChinaGate (Ng Lap Seng) witness John Ashe died of a “weightlifting accident.”
    – Democrat National Committee (DNC) data guy Seth Rich was inexplicably murdered in the streets of Washington DC – his wallet was not taken. There is a WikiLeak from a year before of Hillary campaign manager John Podesta (whom years before I once personally questioned, regarding Rambouillet Appendix B and our Kosovo bombing war) saying that the DNC leaks had to be stopped, and someone had to be made an example of, even if they were only suspected.
    – Legal assistant Shawn Lucas who served an election related lawsuit subpoena to the DNC died inexplicably in his own bathroom.

    And as far as suppressing dissidents even British Prime Minister David Cameron said that the “non-violent extremism” of questioning the official narrative about 9/11 (and 7/7 in London presumably) was lying and somehow motivating terrorist violence, in his 25Sep14 speech to the UN.
    I myself have compiled 12 obvious, objective reasons (and counting) why 9/11 was indeed a false flag operation to drag us directly into (perpetrating) the Mideast holocaust wars we have, like the Israelis’ failed attempt to massacre the USS Liberty in 1967 was apparently intended to do.

    And in the Jan.6 invasion of our Capitol, four (4) of the key agitators have been connected to the FBI which can of course use that democracy-shaking incident as justification for suppression.

    U.S. Democrats and Norwegian Arbeidsparti are ideological kin. In Prime Minister Støre’s talks in DC with Joe Biden and Jake Sullivan, was the suppression of dissidents/whistle-blowers – “non-violent extremists” – discussed? Is Støre modeling Biden?

    During an Institutt Forsvars Studier (IFS) panel lecture Questions&Answers some years ago – before I was barred because of my “American direct” questions – I once called out a British Defence official for falsely trying to claim the August 2014 sarin gas Ghouta Massacre of 1,000 pro-Assad Alawite men, women, and children captives of al Qaeda/Nusrah was by Assad, saying “We cannot go to war on a LIE.”
    (Seymour Hersh, 17Apr14, London Review of Books, “The Red Line and the Rat line.”)

    Looking at the overthrow of The Nordic Balance and the militarization of Norway and the North, are dissidents and our whistle-blowing truths to be suppressed here too for the runup to an infinitely worse World War 3 for which people in Norway are completely unprepared?

    These questions should be raised for answers before they are outlawed – our families then to die, horribly.

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