Norway’s Progress Party steps away from plan to halve ferry prices this year

FerryPhoto: Geir Olsen / NTB

The Progress Party (FRP) is giving up on its proposal to halve ferry prices already this year. Instead, they have put an alternative ferry proposal on the table.

The party, together with the Labor Party (AP) and the Center Party (SP), has a majority in the Norwegian parliament (Storting). 

All three parties want to reduce ferry prices but have not yet agreed on exactly how.

The FRP did not agree with the two other parties on the proposal to immediately halve the ferry prices, and they, therefore, came up with a new proposal, newspaper VG writes.

New proposal

“The Storting asks the government to come back with a binding plan for reducing ferry prices on both national and county roads in the revised national budget,” it says.

FRP’s fiscal policy spokesman Hans Andreas Limi says that he hopes the AP and the SP will join the new proposal.

– Does this mean that the previous proposal is dead?

“We’re maintaining the proposal, but we have understood the signals. No one has signaled so far that they would support it. That is why we are promoting an alternative proposal,” Limi noted.

Negotiations on the crisis package have recently been in full swing in the Storting. According to the plan, the Finance Committee will present its recommendation on Friday.

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