Norway’s security authority launches investigation into publication of classified arms export information

Erna Solberg - militaryPhoto: Terje Pedersen / NTB

Following several media reports that have contained security-graded information on Norwegian arms exports, the National Security Authority (NSM) is opening a supervisory case.

The case concerns newspaper Aftenposten’s mention of a security-graded document from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which was attached to the Office of the Auditor General’s report on Norwegian arms exports. 

It states that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs allowed arms exports to the United Arab Emirates, despite warnings that the weapons could be used in the civil war in Yemen.

“Compromise of security-graded information is a serious violation of the National Security Act and can have significant harmful consequences,” department director Vigdis Grønhaug in the National Security Authority (NSM) noted.

Case details

The NSM has so far not had access to the security-graded information and is familiar with the case only from the media coverage.

“Our task is to supervise the security situation in companies that are subject to the Security Act. The supervisory authority does not include the Office of the Auditor General, which is one of the Norwegian parliament’s (Storting) bodies. But we will now contact relevant sources to get informed on the case as best as possible,” Grønhaug said.

In a press release, the NSM writes that intentional or grossly negligent violation of the provisions of the Security Act can result in an infringement fine, coercive fine, or other punishment.

Newspaper Aftenposten has justified the publication on the grounds that the information is of great public interest.

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  1. Weapons and fossil fuels are industries all humanity – especially a country having the stewardship of the Nobel prize in recognition of international moral ideals – should get OUT of.

    Russia, the U.S., Britain, … and Norway … are all heavily into these industries … which are killers.

    Just saying others are making big money in them, so why shouldn’t we, isn’t good enough … is the opposite of good.

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