Norway’s Socialist Left party asks parliament to stop the expulsion of 18-year-old Mustafa Hasan from Norway

Mustafa HasanPhoto: Terje Pedersen / NTB

The Socialist Left (SV) is taking the expulsion of Mustafa Hasan (18) from Norway to the Norwegian parliament (Storting). 

The party hopes to stop the deportation of Hasan, who has been told to leave the country by December 7. 

The reason for the deportation is that the mother incorrectly stated the nationality when they came to Norway in 2008.

“It is completely meaningless that an 18-year-old boy should be punished for what his mother did when he was six years old. 

“He should have been granted residence many years ago, and now the Norwegian authorities are using their own inertia against him. It is just not possible to treat people in this way,” SV’s Karin Andersen said.

She hopes the Storting will have time to deal with the matter as quickly as possible, but they will not have time to do so until Hasan actually has to leave the country. 

Therefore, she hopes that his lawyer will succeed in postponing the deadline for deportation.

“Children should not be responsible for what their parents have done”

“I consider it very unlikely that he will be sent out (of the country) now, and I reckon that the Storting will have time to consider this before it becomes relevant,” Andersen told news bureau NTB.

In the proposal, which Andersen put forward together with several other SV representatives, she asks that all cases concerning long-term asylum-seeking children be put on hold “until a review of the Immigration Appeals Board’s practice in these cases has been carried out, including the child’s best interests, the child’s length of stay, and until humanitarian considerations are weighed in line with the legislator’s intention.”

“Children are not responsible for what their parents have done. He has been here for almost 13 years and has become Norwegian. 

“He can not be sent to a country where he neither knows the language nor has any prerequisites to survive,” Andersen concluded.

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