Norway’s Supreme Court sentences 50-year-old woman to 36 days of prison for hate speech

Supreme CourtPhoto: Gorm Kallestad / NTB

A 50-year-old woman has been sentenced to 36 days in prison by the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court chose to increase her sentence.

In a queue outside a fast-food restaurant in August last year, the accused said – among other things – the following to a young boy of African origin: “Go back to Africa where you come from, damn foreigner,” the court stated.

In February, she was sentenced to 30 days in prison by Sør-Østerdal District Court. 

The 50-year-old appealed the verdict to the Eidsivating Court of Appeal. 

Both appealed

In June, the Court of Appeal reduced the sentence to 24 days in prison, partly because the term “damn foreigner” had no direct reference to skin color or national or ethnic origin.

The verdict was appealed again by both the prosecution and the accused. 

The woman’s lawyer stated, among other things, that the statements were not directed at the offended party because of his skin color, nationality, or ethnicity but were general immigration-critical statements.

The Supreme Court concluded that the ordinary listener would perceive the statements as a gross violation and downgrading of the victim’s human dignity, with reference to the boy’s skin color and ethnic origin.

The final sentence was set to 36 days in prison.

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