Norwegian activist shot and wounded in the West Bank

Israeli soldiersIsraeli soldiers.Photo: Per Løchen/NTB Pluss)

Norwegian activist Kristin Foss (43) was injured after she was shot on Saturday in connection with a demonstration on the West Bank.


Foss was struck by a rubberised steel bullet during a weekly demonstration in the village of Kufr Qaddoum outside Nablus reported VG newspaper. The demonstrations are protesting that the main road is closed to the Palestinians in the area.

She said that Israeli soldiers had taken a position on a hilltop and that a group of boys tried to throw stones. As the situation calmed down, Foss and an Icelandic colleague went down the road.

“An older Palestinian asked us to help him get back his car, which the Israelis had seized.When we approached the soldiers they shouted a short warning before they fired two shots.One bullet hit me,’’ said Foss. She said she and her colleague had their arms in the air, and she did not realise that they could have been perceived as a threat to the soldiers.

“We were obviously unarmed and in no way posed a threat to the soldiers,” said Foss.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was notified of the incident on Saturday and said Foss
has been offered consular assistance.

“Through our Embassy in Tel Aviv, we have asked Israeli authorities for an explanation of the circumstances surrounding the demonstrations,” said communications adviser Guri Solberg of the UD to VG newspaper.


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