Norwegian charged with rape and trafficking

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Norwegian charged with rape and trafficking in the Philippines

A 58 year old Norwegian has been charged with rape and trafficking involving a 16 year old girl in the Philippines, according to NRK.


The man is jailed in Laoag in the far north on the Luzon Island in the Philippines. He is charged with having raped and human trafficking involving a 16-year-old girl, reports NRK.

The case allegedly started in 2013, when 58-year-old approached the girl’s family. He said that he was in love and that he could assist her financially. He also promised to marry her. The family asked him to wait until she was 18, according to NRK.

The man eventually got permission to take the girl on a trip where he supposedly raped her. He persuaded the family not to report him and promised to marry her. The 58-year-old supposedly has given the girl some kind of monthly monetary support.

Several cases of sexual abuse against children

But the rapes continued, according to the girl. In October 2015, she moved into his apartment. The girl was then 17 years old and had to, she explains, have sex with the Norwegian every other day for a year.

The Norwegian was released in March 2013 after serving several years for sexual abuse against children. He claims he was in Norway when the assaults he was charged with in the Philippines occurred.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will not comment on the case, but states that the embassy in Manila now provides the Norwegian with assistance in obtaining a lawyer and contact with relatives or others in Norway.


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