Norwegian Christmas tree is lit in London

Norwegian Christmas tree Yule spruceThe Norwegian Christmas tree is reflected in the water of a fountain after its lights were turned on in a ceremony in Trafalgar Square, London, Thursday, Dec. 6, 2018. The Christmas tree is an annual gift from the city of Oslo to the people of Britain as a token of thanks for British support during their years of occupation in World War II. (AP Photo/Matt Dunham)

Norwegian Christmas tree is lit in London

Trafalgar Square in London has been once again adorned by a Norwegian Christmas tree, which is given as a gift to the city each year. On Thursday evening, the tree was lit up with Oslo’s mayor present.


The Christmas tree was sourced at Ullevålsseter in Nordmarka on November the 20th, with the Mayor, Marianne Borgen, and Mayor, Lindsey Hall, in the Westminster district of London both present. Both of them got the honour of lighting up the Christmas tree together on Thursday evening.

During the event, the Norwegian rapper, MYRA, contributed music. The Nobel Peace Centre was this year’s partner in connection to the event.

Oslo municipality has given a Christmas tree as a gift to London every year since 1947. The tradition of the Norwegian Christmas Trees is a thank you for the support Norwegians received from the British during World War II.


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