Norwegian climber died on Mount Rainier

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A 58 year old Norwegian climber has been found dead on the almost 4,400 meter high Mount Rainier in the US state of Washington.

I can confirm that the Foreign Ministry is aware of the matter and that relatives are notified of the situation,  Astrid Sehl at the Foreign Ministry says to the news agency NTB.
The deceased Norwegian was discovered by a rescue crew when they were about to evacuate one of his fellow climbers from the mountain by helicopter on Monday, the newspaper The News Tribune writes.
According to a spokeswoman for Mount Rainier National Park, Patti Wold,  rescue crews  were not able to return to the site due to bad weather, but a new attempt on will be made Tuesday.
According to Wold the Norwegian showed no signs of life and is believed to have frozen to death on the climbing route Gibraltar Ledges.
The two climbers left the Paradise area of ​​around 1,600 meters altitude on Thursday and spent their first night at Camp Muir, a cabin at just over 3,100 meters altitude.
On Saturday they tried to climb the 4392 m high Mount Rainier, but were hit by a heavy storm.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today





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  1. Arvid was a true power house in the mountaineering world .. Soft spoken & gentle , the first and only Norwegian to summit the might of Mt Everest from both sides with in the same year 2013. Rip Arvid
    You will be sadly missed within the 8000meter family.
    Lay softy tonight
    Climb on


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