Norwegian and Danish judges want to put pressure on Turkey

Norwegian and Danish judges will put pressure on TurkeyNorwegian and Danish judges will put pressure on Turkey.Photo:

The Judge unions in Norway and Denmark unite and demand that the Nordic governments put pressure on Turkey after the firing of and arrest warrants for a number of judges.

Shortly after the failed military coup,  arrest warrants were issued for 250 judges and public prosecutors. In addition, 2,745 judges were fired during the weekend.
– This violates the fundamental principles of the rule of law and the principles for judges and judicial independence, according to a joint press release from Judge unions in Norway and Denmark.
They point out that the Turkish government for some time has put the country’s judges under undue pressure, by doing things like  imprisoning judges who have made decisions  which made the government unhappy.
– When the Turkish government now are firing a total of 2,700 judges, it appears as if it is using this is an opportunity to get rid of judges who have not been  friendly enough to the regime,  the press release says.
As a member of the Council of Europe, Turkey is obliged to respect the rule of law, as well as the requirement for an independent judiciary,  the two Judge associations say. They call on the Nordic governments to put pressure on the Turkish authorities to overturn its dismissals of the judges.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today