Norwegian Directorate of Immigration: Help Ukrainians – but do it in a legal way

Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) asks people to keep a cool head if they plan to help Ukrainians flee – so that they avoid ending up in a situation where they can be accused of human trafficking.

The UDI is prepared to take in 1,000 refugees on one day’s notice, and many Norwegians want to help Ukrainians that are fleeing their country due to Russia’s attack.

However, the UDI emphasizes that people should reach out to Norwegian professional organizations if they want to contribute. 

Wenche Fone at the UDI mentioned, among others, a Norwegian bus that traveled to Ukraine yesterday to pick up refugees and bring them to Norway.


“If the people do not have the right documents that provide legal entry, you can actually get into a situation where the transport of people could be considered human trafficking,” Fone told P4.

If you want to do something for the Ukrainians, the UDI recommends using the aid organizations that are already in Ukraine.

“They know the conditions best. And they will probably also most likely be able to find out who needs help the most,” Fone noted.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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