Norwegian family evacuated due to Tsunami

TsunamiDevastation after a Tsunami. Photo:

Norwegian family evacuated due to Tsunami – 220 dead

Norwegian Øystein Andersen had to evacuate the family in a hurry when a tsunami hit their hotel in Western Java on Saturday night. He tells of large destruction. 220 persons have so far been found dead after the waves hit the coast of Indonesia. This according to the latest figures.


– I ran and knocked on the door where my wife and boy were sleeping. Then the second wave hit our hotel so the whole building shook. I could see the wave through the window, Andersen tells NTB. The Norwegian is locally employed at the Norwegian Embassy in Jakarta and works with administration and consular assistance

Outside the hotel, Andersen was greeted by the sight of great destruction. Boats were flung on land, cars were wrecked and buildings collapsed. We saw local residents go up the hill, so we followed suit, he says.

– We are thinking of going to the big city after this because it is not very pleasant here, he informs.

A few hours before the Tsunami hit, Andersen, who is also a volcanic photographer, took pictures of the volcano eruption that triggered the waves.

The tsunami hit the beaches at the Sunda Strait on Saturday night. At least 43 people have lost their lives. Another 584 people are injured, Indonesia’s Disaster Management Agency reports, according to Reuters. The tsunami is believed to be triggered by underwater landslides following the eruption of the Krakatau volcano.

– We look at reports that a Tsunami has hit the Sunda Strait, especially at Serand, Pandeglang and Soth-Lampung, says the agency’s spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho to Metro TV on Sunday morning.

Several hundred homes are destroyed, according to the spokesperson.

In September, 832 died in Indonesia after earthquakes and ensuing Tsunami in the city of Palu.


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