Norwegian farmers have lower confidence in animal welfare authorities than the EU

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Animal protection organizations are at the bottom of the list of how high the trust different businesses enjoy from farmers and is even beaten by the EU.

Although Norwegian livestock producers have little confidence in the EU, confidence in animal protection organizations is even lower according to a survey conducted by the research project, Aniwel, among Norwegian livestock producers wrote Nationen newspaper.

‘’You probably think that this is someone who works against what you yourself work for. Otherwise, it is important to note that livestock producers have high confidencein the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, and that confidence is higher for the Norwegian Food Safety Authority than locally’’ said Oddveig Storstad, a researcher at the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy (Nibio) and one of the researchers in the Aniwel project.

A total of 1,546 livestock producers from all over Norway have responded to the survey, which concludes that it is the health service that enjoys the greatest confidence on the farm, followed by the police, the Norwegian Farmers’ Union, the farmer and the small farm team and the Norwegian Food Safety Authority locally. The three lowest places on the list reproduced in Nationen were the media, the EU and animal protection organizations in last place.

The survey was taken up in a period of much turmoil, just after the Norwegian Food Safety Authority carried out a comprehensive surveillance campaign for the slaughter of pigs in Rogaland and after much debate about the fur animal industry and about grazing and predators.

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