Norwegian flag confused with Confederate flag in the USA – Norwegian-Americans find a solution

MichiganMichigan.Kjersten and Greg Offenecker (Matthew Dae Smith/Lansing State Journal via AP)

A married couple in Michigan in the USA received complaints after hoisting the Norwegian flag outside the hotel they own. Now they have found a solution that is well known to Norwegians.

The couple who run the hotel The Nordic Pineapple in St. Johns outside Lansing in the state, have recently been in hot water.

Several have accused them of advocating racism after the couple flew the Norwegian flag outside their hotel, reports Lansing State Journal.

However, the case is a big misunderstanding, the couple explains, because the complainants have mistaken the Norwegian flag that hangs outside the hotel, with the controversial Confederate flag.

The Norwegian-American couple, who first chose to take down the flag, have found a Norwegian solution that is not as easy to confuse.

“We have received a lot of attention and messages from people around the world, and some in Norway have suggested that we switch to a pennant,” says hotel owner Kjersten Offenbecker, who has a Norwegian grandfather, before she adds:

“This is obviously an alternative to flags used in Norway, and you can certainly see it if you drive around the towns of Norway.”

The couple hopes they have now found a solution to the problem, and that passers-by will be more curious than angry, as they walk past the mansion from the Civil War era that has been converted into a hotel.

“I am sure that we will get many questions from people who will wonder what this is, but at least no one will misunderstand,” says Offenbecker about the new flag solution.

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1 Comment on "Norwegian flag confused with Confederate flag in the USA – Norwegian-Americans find a solution"

  1. This just shows how brainlessly fanatical the Left and “anti-racists” in the U.S. are.

    The triangular penant may be harder to see … that it’s *not* a rebel flag.

    Norway has always been one of America’s best and most loyal friends, and (Prime Minister) Erna (Solberg) went to the States to meet President Trump, already heavily embattled by our media, which was a kind (and emotionally stabilizing) thing for her (and Norway) to do.

    If Trump were smart (and grateful) he should make a public address about this and specifically point out how there are no stars on Norway’s flag and its “bars” are orthogonal, not a diagonal cross. (In chess, rooks/castles move orthogonally, bishops move diagonally.)

    He might actually lessen the extremism and violence, if not outright insanity, now occurring back in the States by doing so.

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