Norwegian Food Safety Authority fear new EU rules threaten Norwegian bee stocks

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From 2021, it will be allowed to carry hives freely between the EU and EEA countries.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority fears that the rules will hit the Norwegian bee stock.

According to the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, Norwegian bees have much less disease than elsewhere in Europe wrote NRK news.

Norwegian beekeepers point out that Norway has spent a lot of money on disease prevention work, money that they think will be wasted if the rules apply in Norway.

The regulations come into effect in April 2021. The Norwegian Food Safety Authority is an expert group within the EU and have recorded that they do not want the rules at home.

‘’We have not been successful in this. No other country has supported our input, so we expect the rules to be introduced’’ said Kristina Landsverk, Vice President of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority will see whether Norway can get an exception from the EU regulations, or whether they can limit the scope.

‘’The reason why we do not want to follow the ruling is that we have better bee health than most EU countries. If you go south on the continent, they have problems with more diseases than us’’ said Landsverk.

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