Norwegian fraudster arrested in Denmark

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Major Norwegian fraudster arrested in Denmark

The Norwegian fraudster Marie Madeleine Steen (60) has been arrested and detained in Denmark, suspected of fraud, reports VG.


– The woman was arrested on Monday morning outside a hotel in Vedbæk, north of Copenhagen, from which she had just checked out. The arrest was uneventful. The woman denies to be guilty, says Head of the Investigation Allan Lørup VG.

Steen is currently being on parole after a fraud case from Oslo District Court in May 2017. She was then sentenced to jail for one year and eight months for gross fraud.

She has currently detained for two weeks after she has cheated a woman in Denmark for DKK 1,600.

13 cases before the summer

VG writes that the police in Nord-Sjælland has already sent 13 criminal cases for prosecution that have not yet been processed.

– The police now have a total of 15 counts of fraud against her. They range in time from 2014 until present, says Lørup.

According to the investigator, the woman has been in Denmark for approximately a month.

Steen got her first sentence in 1992 and has since been convicted of a number of frauds.

Viewed as gross fraud

In Oslo District Court’s verdict from last year, the court wrote that Steen «has committed financial crimes continuously for a period of about 25 years. The Defendant is convicted of financial crime abroad, as well».

The amounts that she has cheated from people are relatively small. The highest amount the victims were defrauded of was, according to last year’s verdict, NOK 2558. But the court still deems the matters as being gross.

– This is because she is cynically utilising the human aspect. The court believes that she exploits individuals cynically and cunning manner, Police Attorney Nora Eek-Nielsen, who was the prosecutor at the trial, has told VG.


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