Norwegian fur farmers fear economic ruin as government prepares new law banning fur farming

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On Thursday, the government sent a proposal for a new law banning fur farming to consultation. Fur farmers fear economic ruin.

In the bill, compensation to the breeders is set forward, but that doesn’t calm the fur farming industry. 

The Norwegian Fur Animal Association (Norges Pelsdyralslag), which was informed about the scheme at a meeting with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food (LMD) on Wednesday, is not satisfied, according to newspaper Nationen.

“After today’s meeting with LMD, it is clear that the bill will be sent for consultation and that we must once again work hard against Parliament (Storting) for the result to be correct and fair,” the Association wrote in an SMS which was sent to all fur farmers on Wednesday.

According to the Fur Animal Association, the government’s bill lacks crucial points to ensure full compensation for fur farmers.

“For some farmers, the proposal means lifelong financial ruin,” the Fur Animal Association wrote in a press release on Thursday.

“Frustrating and painful”

“It has been almost a year since the Parliament’s crystal-clear demand for the government to ensure that everyone is compensated. 

“Many farmers should have had the settlement in their account a long time ago. Therefore, it is frustrating and painful that the government now creates even more uncertainty and ambiguity,” Chairman Bertran Trane Skadsem said.

After several rounds, Minister of Agriculture Olaug Bollestad (KRF) notified the Parliament in October that the compensation scheme for fur farmers will be ready at the turn of the month November/December, in connection with the bill.

The government favors the compensation being calculated according to the provisions of the Expropriation Compensation Act. 

That means that the farmers will receive what is referred to as “full compensation.”

Will end badly

“The positive thing about the proposal is that the government has finally agreed to treat this as expropriation, as is usually done when the state takes something from Norwegians. 

“But at the same time, the government chooses to push the entire bill on to the administration and the judiciary. It’s going to end badly. Parliament must do a big job here, once again,” Skadsem said.

Three requirements

The Fur Animal Association requires three things:

  1. Correct calculations must be used as a basis. The Parliament’s decision must provide detailed guidelines for the actual calculation of the values.
  2. All fur farmers must be included.
  3. A full tax exemption must be granted on the compensation.

Parliament was in favor of a fur ban in 2019. The case is considered a great victory for the Liberal Party (V), which won approval for the fur industry to be phased out by 2025 both in the government negotiations on Jeløya in 2018 and on Granavolden in 2019.

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